Know How to Start a Blog to Make Money

Starting a blog is a nice idea to earn money. With blogging about your interest or a niche in which you specialize. To start a blog you should need to select a niche for which you can write for a long time and share information about. Blog articles should be informative and of users interest to get popularity and generate more users in less time. One should follow some steps to start a blog.

Choose a Niche: It is first and majorly vital point to choose a niche or theme. One can select a theme of one’s interest for which can generate valuable content. Theme also should be relevant to the product niche which you want to sell or put affiliate links on your blog.

Platform: Sensibly, choose a blogging platform which is free or self-hosted. Some free and popular blogging platforms are blogger, WordPress, Hubpages, tumblr. But these free platforms have their certain limitations.

Domain Name: Search for a domain name that is available and appropriate for your blog niche. Domain name should be short and easy to remember. It is good that domain name dictate its subject itself so that the users easily assume about blog subject. For self-hosted domain you can also get idea of domain name by searching websites.

Hosting: If you opt for self-hosted domain then hosting is an essential thing after Domain name selection. There are various hosting providers available on the Internet such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator etc.

Fixing of Blog: After domain and hosting, you can install WordPress for easy blogging and customization of your blog site. Choose a theme, get it install, customize and you are ready.

Plugins: You can add plugins for SEO benefit to your blog site. Add Google Webmaster, analytic, Bing Webmaster and get verify your website. It will help you to track visitors count and behavior.

Content: After setting up theme and site customization, Content needed. The content or article that you develop should be unique means no duplicate allowed in today’s scenario. Content should be informative and appealing to attract visitors. You can add images, PPT or videos to the blog posts to make it more understandable and informative.

Blogging is a good way to share your thoughts and knowledge with others for a chosen subject or niche. You can also earn handsome amount through your blog site. It is essential to choose subject, theme, free or self-host domain etc. wisely and share interesting content to get more visitors.

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Make Money Online With Get to Paid Websites

Many persons tend to make some easy extra money in their leisure time. Get Paid to websites are the place where a person can make money without any special skillset. The concept of these sites is simple and you get paid to sign up for newsletters, playing online games, taking online surveys, refer your friend, sharing content on social networks. These are easy jobs that can be completed by using your laptop and Internet connection. But it is important to differentiate between legitimate sites and scam or untrusted sites that are not paying money for your valuable time.


Some popular Get to Paid websites are:

Clicksia: Clicksia is a good site to make money by doing simple tasks. User get paid for clicking links, reading ads, signing up and reading websites.

Problima: This is a website where you get paid for the answers you give. You get a fixed every time when user accepts your answer.


SurveyScout: The site is paying well for each completed survey. User can take online surveys and can get $1 to $15 and sometimes more. For phone surveys a person can earn $10 for about an hour.

CashCrate: It is a popular and legit site that has been paying decent for very long time. Just try some new offers and earn points. You can redeem points to win prizes or to claim gifts.

Points2Earn: The website has approx. 2 million users and earning good amount of money. You will get good reward gifts for doing some simple fun stuff.

Get paid to websites are good option to join and earn money, reward point and gifts for doing simple work in free time.

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Best Practices to Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is an Image sharing social bookmarking site that was launched just Four years ago, in March, 2010. It get huge popularity and lots of users in less time. Users can create boards as per their interest and share lots of image in a productive way. You can share other user images and re-pin their stuff to your board. You can categorize images and follow other user boards to get notice & updates of their shared images.

Millions of visitors get online daily on Pinterest and to attract potential customers for their business. But it needs a little bit of different strategy to make popularity of your brand, product, images and more followers on your board.

Maps: Pinterest now allow users to add business location or map to your board. Search business location, edit and add to your Pinterest board. It will attract more local customers and followers to your board.

Rich Pins: Pinterest add a new feature of Rich Pins to business and product related boards. In Rich Pins, users can add price, offers and brands to their pins. Rich Pins let users and potential customers know about new offers and update them.

Pinterest is an amazing social bookmarking and image sharing site to get more customers, followers and brand promotion. You can also share your creativity and images of your interest with others.

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Know the Difference between HTTP and Secure HTTPs Protocol

HTTP is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol that is used in networking.  Http acts as a connecting protocol to connect the requesting computer or client to the server on which the web address is typed. The computer on which web address is typed called Client. When client computer type and request to show a web page or data from server, http protocol connect and shows it. When a user type a web address, hit enter and the server respond with the information after the client request complete.

HTTPs is Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol which has combination of two different protocols; Http and SSL/TLS protocol. It is a secure protocol for more secure data transfers between client and server. It is used for encrypted and secure communication between client and server.

Corporate sector websites, Bank websites, Gmail, Paypal, facebook and other websites where money transactions done must have SSL certificate for secure transactions. This certificate is given to a site after some conditions filled and fees paid.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPs:

  • URL begin with “http://” or “https://”
  • Http protocol use port 80 for communication while Https use port 443.
  • Https is a secured but http is not secure for passwords or credit card details.
  • Https operates at Application layer and Http operates at Transport layer.
  • Http has no Encryption but Https does have.
  • No certificate is required for Http but Https requires.

It is important to notice the web URL and know whether it is secure or not for any private, confidential or money related transactions.

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Use Expired Domains for Site Search Engine Rankings

Expired domains are those domains or web pages which the owner get fail to renew them. This is not the issue of hosting but the domain name. Every domain is paid on monthly or yearly basis and the webmaster has to get it renew before its expiration date. If the webmaster fails to renew it or in paying its subscription charges, it will get expire in due course. One can buy & register the domain on its own through domain resellers and use them to increase their site keywords ranking on Search Engine Results Pages. Follow these five ways to optimize your site keywords ranking on search engines with expired domains:

1.      Revive web pages and get backlink for your target site

Think a little bit for this scheming trick. You utilize search engines like Google to see what web site URLs they will still have got signed up for ones terminated domain. You utilize this “site:” functionality and fit your website name right after this (including www). It will display all the pages that are still on search engine index.

Develop web pages from those URLs, so they appropriately optimized pertaining no matter what you’re planning to do with your site. Subsequently submit sitemap of your new site to search engine. It won’t develop brand new items for that outdated URLs; it will eventually only update index data. The actual URLs will appear as if they will never quit and their own standing on this search engine optimization will probably expand a lot more rapidly as compared to your more modern web pages. Get benefit of this technique to increase your website SEO.

2.      Get more backlinks with expired domain authority

Expired Domains may have good authority as well backlinks linked with it. It will help you to win the trust of the users. You may get a test to it through Social Media sites and check whether the people still like the site or not. It will drive a good traffic to the site.

3.      Develop a new website from expired domains

Domain Age is a positive factor for high search engine rankings and Google PR. Search Engines have reliance on old age domains and may increase their keyword rankings and you may link your site to other websites to increase link popularity of the domain.

4.      Transmit old domain to new website

This will probably reroute individuals from the outdated domain to your completely new internet site which is below another website. Almost any visitors which is keen on your site may help improve your current position after some time because your site gets more popular. Men and women will begin to proceed internet domain as an alternative to writing inside the outdated expired a single. This cannot work so properly if your guests usually are not suited for the web site you’re pointing the staves to.

5.      Switch the expired domain into a blog on the same concept

This can be an intelligent thing to enhance SEO of a website as well start a blog eventually with better search engine standing. Expired domain had an objective or purpose or meaning. You should find out what that had been. It is possible to go through the Meta info within the web sites after they seem within the search results. Their Web addresses will direct thin air though the Meta info ought to even now show down below all of them.

Now you are sure that just what the web site had been about you are able to write a blog on the same concept. When Search engines update their index data, the item facts for the website and then the item messages themselves within the new products however offers lots of the exact same keywords because it constantly experienced. The keyword creates the web site appear as if it has been on the same subject for years therefore will arise with the Yahoo and Google websites more rapidly. After this you website link rear aimed at your web in order to take pleasure in the SEO profits.

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‘Attraction Marketing’ To Attract Customers

Attraction Marketing, a marketing strategy to attract more potential customers to your business and increase sales. It is likely to pitch customers through Brand and product promotion. When Brand product promotion is done effectively, your prospects or target clients will approach you to buy the product without any stress or pressure.

It is an effective marketing strategy for home-based entrepreneurs and network marketers. Make people know who you are…how you do work… how you maintain your lifestyle and then also about your product brand, how to use it, how it is helpful for customers. You will also make others to learn how to do it, who want to get a standard lifestyle as you. Make your prospects priority to increase your Value by value. You should focus on prospect’s needs and helping them instead of only think to earn profits.


Attraction Marketing is a real science to attract more people having like mind-set and which those actually you need to take action. For Example, a digital marketing specialist with heaps of knowledge can attract other digital marketers who want to increase their knowledge.

Attraction Marketing has no limit of getting success and achieving your goals, generate more leads, more traffic and high volume of sales.

Some Examples of Attraction Marketing Campaigns and to get success with it:

Email List: Shoot an interesting Email newsletter to your friends and get them a free giveaway to get new subscribes for building email list.

Couples Date: Invite Couples for a date, make them play some games and give gifts to the winners. This way you can discuss about your brand, products.

Gift Cards: Ask your friends, circles for referrals and give them offer or Gift card that make them feel happy and will increase their interest to meet you more prospects.

Attraction Marketing is a great tool for MLM Network marketers to generate more traffic, leads and increase sales for business. Attraction Marketing is to attract more leads by offer value and gift to someone or existing leads.

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